Android Gaming News Flash: Fortnite Season 8 March Update

Fortnite has been given a rough shake after Apex Legends came out of the blue. Now, the game and its creators are upping the game (literally) with two new big features that are becoming a part of the game. The first one is the Buried treasure map, while the second one is the slide duos LTM.

Buried Treasure Map

This model includes following a map to find the buried treasure and with it, its legendary loot. When it comes to the actual digging, players have the pickaxe at their disposal.

Slide Duos LTM

The slide option in Apex Legends has proven to be quite popular, so now (surprisingly) Fortnite gets a similar option as well. This mod provides the players with blocks of ice under their feet that transform the entire level into a huge ice rink.

Both mods are already gaining popularity in the community and this is just the beginning. If you’re interested in the new update, get the game right now on Epic Games.