Android Gaming News Flash - Elder Scrolls: Blades is coming in Spring

The news about the upcoming game in the Elder Scrolls series appeared last year, but since then, the game and its makers in Bethesda have gone into radio silence. Google Play page is still showing its pre-registration option but the same has not been changed for months. Fortunately, this silence was broken recently as the company announced its release plans.

Spring Launch

According to Bethesda, the game will begin its closed beta on the iOS market immediately. After that, it should appear on both Android and iOS in early spring. This means that the game should be on the market before July 1st if my estimate of the seasons is correct.

So far the Bethesda has not been that good to its fans as the launch is not just late, but it also failed to communicate the reasons for the delay. Of course,  Elder Scrolls: Blades should be a big game that will cover both RPG and town-building experience (as if they’re making Fallout 4 for mobile and this universe). Still, it is still not cool to keep your fans in the dark.

If you own an iOS device, sign up for the closed beta here.