Start Getting Excited - The Elder Scrolls: Blades is Coming!

If you’re a fan of the Elder Scrolls, you probably never envisioned yourself playing one of the games in the series on your mobile device. I admit it, the same would sound ridiculous to me just a year or two ago. But, after the experience of PUBG mobile and Fallout Shelter, I can really see myself or anyone else getting deep and heavy into a mobile game which feels just like any other PC title, including juggernauts like ES.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades will be a first-person RPG that should appear in the coming weeks on Google Play. In the game, you appear in a world in ruin - your home town was destroyed and dangers are all around. From there, you must survive, fight and rebuild. Check out more about the game (although on iOS device) from the main Bethesda man himself, Todd Howard.

The game promises to provide a full-on RPG experience, including movement that can be either dual stick or tap-based (in the sense of jumping to predefined points in the levels themselves). At the same time, it looks like Bethesda also learned a lot from Fallout Shelter and you will also control your city, build it up and upgrade its elements - the game will be a F2P title, so that’s no big surprise. The building mechanics allows for additional payment opportunities, even though I have to say that Shelter is by no means obnoxious with its monetisation (personally, it didn’t bother me one bit).

Finally, there’s little doubt that graphics of the game will be presented as its key selling point. The game does look gorgeous and Howard is promising “consol-level visuals”, so I’m sure that many immediately began wondering when does the Elder Scrolls Blades come out. From dungeons to open spaces, the environments are impressive, while the characters and weapons are not lagging far behind.

In short - the game’s visuals rock. But, right now, this key fact is still unknown, as the the Elder Scrolls Blades release date has not been set, except from that fact that it should be during the fall of 2018. It is known that Fallout 76 beta comes out on October 23, so I’ll be so bold to predict that this game will appear in November.

Until then, you can pre-register for Blades on Google Play right now.