SEDEHOO Discord Game - Join the Server & Win $75 / $50 / $25!

There are some amazing Discord servers that recently came into being, but few can compare to SEDEHOO. This name stands for Spontaneous Experimental Diverse House of ODDITY! Here are just a few things that this community offers to its members:

🌀 Spontaneous adventures that will surprise and delight!
🎮 Game creation and exciting gameplay experiences!
💎 Unique NFT creations to collect and trade!
🔬 Fun experiments to pique your curiosity!
🌈 A diverse and inclusive community where everyone belongs!
🦄 A house bursting with oddities and wonders!

However, the surprise that the server has for its present and future members in the coming days is even bigger. Here is the full announcement on that:

📣 Announcement 📢

SEDEHOO will be having a game of rumble on Monday which will end on Friday 6/17 - 6/21 2024! Let’s all be prepared to battle!The game holds on the SEDEHOO Discord and includes the following rewards:
🥇 75usd
🥈 50usd
🥉 25usd
Let’s all prepare to rumble and battle!

To get a chance to participate in that, join the SEDEHOO Discord right now & right here - enjoy the game and win these awesome prizes!