Flower Book - Fantastically Colorful Match-3 Puzzle Game!

Video games that seamlessly blend fun and education and few and far between, especially when the really good ones are only taken into consideration. However, when they do appear, their appeal is nearly instantaneous and that scenario completely applies to Flower Book Match3 Puzzle Game! This mobile device casual game offers something that is a truly unique experience, but also one that immediately grips the players and transports them into a completely different and exciting world.

In this case, this is a world of flowers and plants, where a calamity of human cause - pollution - brought about a dire situation for the natural world. Luckily, the garden gnomes have an agency created for this exact purpose and the player is their crucial agent. The role of the same agent is to protect the natural world and rejuvenate the endangered ecosystem and its incredible plant species.

In the title, the main gameplay mechanic is match-3, where players have access to a range of boosters, combos, and other features of an advanced puzzle game. At the same time, the game also offers the players the ability to customize their tree-house, build it up, and advance it as they progress through the game. This, along with a book that features and explains all of the plant species that the players encounter showcases just how much more there is to this game besides the individual match-3 puzzle challenges.

Lastly, the sheer beauty of the visual style of the game is something that many will immensely enjoy. From the elements of the UI to the short narrative scenes with gnomes, all the way to the individual elements of the matching games, Flower Book is simply gorgeous and done in the exactly right visual style. That also gives it an air of permanent visual elegance that will not be made obsolete.

Beautiful, interesting, and challenging, this game epitomizes the perfect casual puzzle game. With its meta elements - tree-house and the book of flowers - it will surely stand the test of time. With that, it will offer just as much fun and engagement in the time to come as it does now. To enjoy it for yourself, download the Flower Book Match3 Puzzle Game on Google Play for free now and save nature!