Awesome Twitch Streamer - gunshyboo

Becoming a full-time gaming content creator is by no means an easy feat. However, simply setting up that goal in one’s mind is a big challenge as well, but one that gunshyboo readily took on. This hard-core gamer decided to start working towards turning his passion for gaming into a profession. Now, he focuses on his Twitch stream and YouTube channel, creating regular content for both platforms. To see gunshyboo in action, check out one of his recent Twitch streams right here:
The love for gaming and his dedication are both immediately clear, but so is his lifelong love for video games. That is seen first and foremost in the titles he enjoys sharing with the world. Some of the games he plays include ARK: Survival Ascended, Vigor, THE FINALS, Hunt: Showdown, Once Human, HELLDIVERS 2, and Crysis Remastered. This is a very diverse list with a lot of genres, mixing brand new games with some classic hits. That is a great element for any upcoming variety streamer - the ability to play a wide range of titles, but making each stream and video both engaging and fun to watch.

Turning into a pro streamer is not going to be a walk in the park, but if anyone can do it, that's gunshyboo! His love of video games, along with a friendly and open style of streaming blend perfectly and the same shines through his content as well. Follow his journey by joining his Discord server and before that, follow him on his YouTube channel and naturally, his gunshyboo Twitch stream ASAP!