The Ball In The Hole - Fun Puzzle Game for Children's Development

Striking the right balance between a demanding mobile puzzle game and one that is simply not fun isn't easy. However, the APP-TECH and their game The Ball In The Hole shows that this is more than possible! The result of their development is a mobile game that you simply cannot stop playing. At the same time, the same mobile title, available for both iOS and Android devices, could be used as an important tool for children's development and nurture of crucial cognitive skills.

The setup of The Ball In The Hole is exceedingly easy to understand. In the game, the players control a ball by balancing their mobile device. The control mimics real-world physics, but there is a lot more going on in the game as well. Through the same simple control, players can split balls into smaller ones, determine the best tactics for overcoming levels, complete bonus objectives, and do much more. All of that takes place over an incredible number of 139 individual levels that players need to overcome, all set in a very clean and crisp visual design.

There is no doubt that this game offers a lot to any mobile puzzle gaming fan. But, at the same time, it is a great tool for children. Through the act of playing, kids will hone their skills in precise motoric movement, along with improving their focus and concentration. Even now, the academic circles and professionals inside of the same field that tried the game found this to be very true and many kids would likely benefit from having access to the same game.

Best of all, The entire experience that The Ball In The Hole offers is completely free. That is why anyone who is into puzzle games or wants to provide their kids with a great tool for building up concentration and focus should try out the game. If you're one of them, do the same by going to the The Ball In The Hole official Google Play page and its App Store page right now!