Saterdayze - Interactive and Incredible Twitch Stream!


Finding originality as a gaming content creator has never been easy, but the same seems particularly hard at the present moment. However, that did not stop a video game fan and Twitch streamer by the name Saterdayze (pronounced "Saturdays"). His mission is to bring the weekend to his followers and provide a bit of that beloved Saturday entertainment everyday.

To do this, Dayze decided to blend home automation with gaming content creation. The result is something truly unique, where viewers can use their typing keywords in the chat, which then activate a range of devices at Dayze's home. These include water sprays, flashing LED lights, leaf blowers, balloon-poppers and more. All of the devices are automated and controlled externally, while Dayze simply plays the games he loves. The resulting madness is really something everyone should check out, as you can see here in one of his recent streams.

Thanks to all of this, the Saterdayze streams begin relatively normally, but end in a completely insane manner, showcasing a process of physical mayhem. Aside from this loopy but incredibly entertaining element, the additional benefit of Saterdayze streams is the fact that Dayze seems like a really friendly and open type of gamer who really just wants to entertain his audience and have fun with his friends. The combo of those two elements offers an amazing mixture that is primed for further growth in popularity.

Presently, you can watch Dayze take on huge gaming hits like Helldivers 2, Fall Guys, Counter-Strike, and Rocket Leauge, but also releases like A Difficult Game about Climbing. This too showcases a big openness to different types of games as well as genres. I'm sure many more titles will follow as well.

If you'd like to see this madness of automation, game streaming, and interactivity, be sure to check out Dayze on TikTok and YouTube as well. But, if all of this sounds like something you would enjoy, check out Saterdayze on Twitch right now and help this truly unique and committed content creator to become the most viewer-interactive stream online!