Pastilia - Rich Mobile Device Aim & Shoot Adventure!


The so-called Aim & Shoot genre has been popular for years on mobile devices. Numerous games, including massive hits like Angry Birds, used a variation of the same gameplay mechanics. However, even today, developers are finding ways to expand on that gameplay logic and build further upon it. Pastilia is a mobile device game for iOS and Android platforms that is a great example of the immense potential that lies in this genre. Watch in the trailer below just a small snippet of everything that this game has on offer.

In the title, players take on a huge quest as a creature in the form of a ball. From there, they will need to guide the same creature across numerous environment-based obstacles and courses. Here, challenges await, including blackholes with their gravity fields, portals, lasers, platforms and many additional fun elements. Through these, players will be able to move through the levels and slowly guide their character towards its goal.

While Pastilia offers a truly dynamic gameplay setup, it is also providing their players with some wonderful graphics, including detailed characters and super-rich visual environments. The game also uses a great sense of humor which perfectly blends with the overall look and feel that form Pastilia into a very likable gaming experience, especially for casual gamers.

If you enjoy Aim & Shoot games and love a bit of casual gaming on your mobile device, Pastilia is the ideal title for you! Check it out right now either on Google Play or the App Store and start your own Pastilia adventure as soon as you can!