Idle Trillionaire - A Must-Try Release for all Idle Gaming Fans!

The amazing thing that Idle Trillionaire offers to its players almost from the get-go is the fact that it blends a real-world experience of basically becoming an independent adult person with some out-of-this-world options and possibilities. In the same idle game, available on Steam, the App Store, and Google Play, players start with an empty bank account and a limited amount of happiness. As the game progresses, the same status changes, and their earnings go up, but this has to be balanced out with their happiness level and their cost of living.

To change their setup, players attain cards that are purchased either through happiness points or money. They, in turn, change the player's potential to generate both. Through this simple but very effective setup, players engage with the weird and wonderful world of Idle Trillionaire. The game takes basically minutes to grow on players, especially once the interconnected nature of the cards becomes more apparent. This way, the decision to purchase a bike can offer the option of becoming a newspaper boy and increase their earning potential. Check out my Let's Play YouTube video of the first 10 minutes of the game right here:

As the game progresses and the balance account rises, so too do the options become ever wilder. That is why later on players can clone themselves or start a space exploration company. Cards like that are just drops of water in an ocean of choices. All the while, however, the core appeal of Idle Trillionaire remains steadfast in place.

Elegant, simple, and infinitely appealing, this game continues to offer more and you play it more. No fan of the idle genre should avoid it and anyone even remotely interested in the same gaming space should check it out as soon as possible. To do that, get the game on Steam, or go for the mobile versions for Apple or Android devices. To try it out, you can even play it for free immediately on its website's limited version. In any case, get to the game and start your journey to trillionaire status!