Awesome Gaming Video - Smite Bellona Kill Cam!!! Feel the power of The Goddess Of War!!! by YediTheDonGaming

In March this year, the game of Smite will reach its first decade of existence. However, despite its age and the fact that it never became a massive household name, Smite is still a fantastic title that attracts millions of players on a regular basis. A recent video from the YediTheDonGaming YouTube channel showcases perfectly why this F2P MOBA can still capture the imagination and dedication of so many gamers from across the world. Check out the full video here:

As you can see, the gamer and content creator behind the clip showcases Bellona in her full glory. The video uses an excellent balance of faction and montage, showcasing some impressive moves from this Smite character. By using a cool mixed soundtrack and keeping the video at the nearly perfect length of six minutes, the clip is something all Smite fans will undoubtedly enjoy.

Besides this, the clip of Bellona also shows the serious talent and commitment of the YediTheDonGaming content creator. The same YouTube channel is relatively new, but it already showcases gameplay from a range of games. These include Wolf Among Us, Soulcalibur VI, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and more. This eclectic choice of titles shows that YediTheDonGaming is open to many gaming genres, making the channel a place that will surely grow.

If you love Smite or are looking to get into it, but you also appreciate high-quality gaming videos, make sure to check out this YouTube content creator. So, head on to YediTheDonGaming YouTube channel, subscribe, and follow what is certain to become an exciting content creation adventure!