KIK.GG - The FINALS Discord Community you should Join Right Now!

The domain of competitive FPS games is a slow-moving beast, where big hits take years to establish their dominance. However, from time to time, there are big and sudden movements in this genre that take everyone by surprise. The appearance of The Finals is one such moment - this F2P first-person shooter is quickly taking over the global gaming community! Luckily, there is a brand new Discord community that plans to have the front-row seat for the same development and expansion of the most exciting FPS game to come around for ages.

KIK.GG - The Finals is the go-to server for anyone who is interested in this title or wants to hone their skills once they begin playing. Why is a membership (which is completely free, by the way) in the KIK.GG community so important. First of all, The Finals is a very specific FPS competitive game - built in Unreal Engine 5, it offers now only direct and kinetic engagements through guns and other weapons, but also a never-before-seen level of environmental destructibility and manipulation.

In the game, the players are able to detonate floors below the feet of the enemy team, burn down parts of levels, send wrecking balls through walls and so much more. The dynamic environment features are just one of the elements that makes The Finals so exciting, but also demanding to master.

Here is where KIK.GG comes in. It will showcase all of the official news and developments related to the game. Besides, it offers a subsection on its server called Reach the Finals. Here, players will be able to learn about different types of builds (classes) in the game, including all three: light, medium, and heavy. They will also get info on maps and weapons, as well as the crucial breakdown of tips and tricks.

All of this will be useful to total novices, but also those who are looking to up their game. The server also has a dedicated Media section for streams and videos for those who want to create content related to The Finals. Lastly, the KIK.GG - THE FINALS server will also provide its members with dedicated achievements and even really cool giveaways which are already handing out Multibucks. 
The Finals is, without any doubt, a massive hit waiting to happen and something that is just starting to generate popularity among the global gamers. All those who want to jump on the same train should join KIK.GG - THE FINALS Discord server right now. Here, they will not only find an amazing community of fellow gamers, but also drastically improve their skills and abilities in this awesome FPS multiplayer game!