Starfield Creators Expect Long-Term Commitment from the Player Community

Bethesda is no stranger to massive video games. With titles like Elder Scrolls: Skyrim or the entire series like Fallout, the development company learned that many of its players prefer a long-term commitment to their experience. Now, the company’s boss, Todd Howard, stated that their latest game, a galaxy-wide sci-fi RPG Starfield has been designed for this very type of playing.

In a recent interview, Howard said that the company expects players to keep playing Starfield for a very long time. During the same period, the game will grow and evolve with additional content, but also changes in technology it uses. The same should support this type of play style and allow gamers to continue to be involved with the game in the years to come. At the same time, the potential of Bethesda and its new corporate ownership shows that there is a practical capability that will allow this approach to infuse the entire game.

In the gaming community forming around Starfield, the same concepts appear to be very well received. Many critics agree that the game is presently a waste but shallow ocean with many things to explore and experience, but few of these can resonate on some more meaningful level.

From spaceship-based combat to a complex RPG system and planet surface exploration, it covers all of the bases for science fiction epic titles while at the same time, it excels at nothing. With a long play time, Bethesda will have the opportunity to add a few Mariana trenches to the same ocean over the months and even years to come.