Avium - Upcoming Action Adventure RPG with a Remarkable Sci-Fi Style

It is not easy for a indie video game to attract attention using visuals and graphics alone. However, in the case of Avium, the same hybrid mixture of role-playing game, action, and adventure manages to do just the same thanks to its breathtaking visual elements. 


Yet, there is more to this game than just cyber eye candy. In its beating heart is a science fiction story set in a huge futuristic cybernetic city. Here, the players talk about the role of a crime-fighting figure with an impressive War-Suit and a past that will not stay forgotten. The result is stunning in its scope and grandeur, as you can see in the gameplay segment below:

As the clip shows, Avium takes its narrative design seriously, showcasing both worldbuilding and impressive, complex characters. At the same time, thanks to the fact that the game was built using the very powerful Unreal Engine, its action and scenery is worthy of AAA titles. This is especially true for the landscape of the dystopian, cyber-focused city ruled by a Plutocracy of the Big Four. 

The entire experience of Avium was built on clear game design pillars. First is its attention to detail and a range of hits, Easter eggs, collectibles, tricks, lore elements and abilities that players have at their disposal. Secondly, it offers immense lore, but only for those who seek it out. Others can play focusing on direct exploration and discovery. Finally, the third pillar is a concept that there is no overpower option in terms of weapons and abilities. Instead, players can decide what tools will best fit any particular purpose.

Avium is presently accessible on Steam as an Early Access game. However, the title should be out on November 23, 2023. Until then, anyone interested can check out a YouTube channel showcasing its development and its creator's X/Twitter profile. Of course, if you're a fan of breakneck action and excellent sci-fi universes, wishlist Avium on Steam right now and be ready for the moment it gets out in the gaming world!