Awesome Twitch Stream - KING_ROLLIE_1


When it comes to gaming content, many creators are completely and absolutely focused on their streams and channels. However, it is those content creators who have a diverse background who are often the most interesting ones. Carlos, AKA KING_ROLLIE_1 on Twitch is a perfect example - in the real world, Carlos helps people with alcohol and drug addictions. This is an incredibly important job and essential for so many individuals who are struggling with these substance abuse issues. But, in his spare time, Carlos is also creating gaming content. Check out his gaming setup right here:

As you can see, KING_ROLLIE_1 Twitch stream is supported by some serious hardware, and this mirrors Carlos' desire to create great gaming content. Presently, he's playing Destiny 2, Tom Clancy's The Division and he even recently purchased the insanely popular Diablo IV. Currently, his streaming schedule is Monday through Friday in the afternoon hours, and all-day Saturdays and Sundays.

It is clear that Carlos is just starting out his streaming adventure and that he’s focused on having a good time and making sure others have a good time on his streams as well. Besides Twitch, you can also find him on Instagram, X (formerly known as Twitter) and his YouTube channel. But, if you’d like to support him on this adventure, make sure to follow him on Twitch right now!