Awesome Gaming Video - Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon - Trinity Serpent Video, Cinematic PvP, PvE, & Bosses by Jedi Reach

Usually, you can recognize high-quality gaming content pretty fast, but in the case of Jedi Reach and the latest video on the same YouTube channel, this recognition comes to the viewers immediately. The same video was created inside of Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, a title that has been generating a lot of attention in recent weeks. The six-minute clip by Jedi Reach showcases why this release has all of the markings of a massive future hit. Check out and enjoy the same miniature masterpiece of gaming content right here:

The clip showcases first and foremost excellent editing that is worthy of cinematic sequences. Besides that, the video also offers a lot of elements from this mecha game from the legendary From Software. That includes both PvP and PvE fights and some boss encounters. Through the clip, there's even custom narration, as well as a super-dynamic soundtrack that fits perfectly with the frantic combat action from the game. Lucky for all gamers, Jedi Reach covers other releases as well, including titles like Diablo IV, Final Fantasy XIV, Star Wars: The Old Republic,

The man behind all of this content is Jedaiah Ramnarine, aka Jedi Reach and unsurprisingly, he's a man of many talents, ranging from writing to video editing. Among those is also the Peace Seeking Intelligence, a really interesting network and initiative with some serious goals.

It is clear that Jedi Reach is a person with a unique mind and a broad range of skills. That is great news for everyone who enjoys gaming content and I'm sure that the Jedi Reach YouTube channel will provide many more amazing clips, so check out this talented man on Twitter and subscribe right now to the same channel!