Apartament 1406: Horror - Grippingly Nightmarish Game on Steam!

In the world of Apartament 1406, there are very few safe places, both physically and mentally. In this very fresh game by Airem Studio, the players simply need to survive, but this task is anything like simple or pleasant. Check out the game's incredibly creepy and highly-tensed trailer right here to get a taste of the nightmare that awaits you in Apartament 1406.
The story of the game comes cram-packed with mysteries - the players are tasked with uncovering the secrets of two separate alternative worlds as they set off to help a professor specializing in demon-hunting. Because of them, the player's perspective and experience of reality shifts, just like the environment around them. But, inside of this insanity lies in wait for demons and ghosts, as well as other monsters looking for nothing else but to end the player's existence.

To combat these, players have a range of weapons and tools, including both melee variants like axes, but also many firearms as well. However, the ammo for these is always lacking, so players will have to count on their wit and survival skills. With it, they will be able to examine things, collect items and then combine them. With this equipment, players must do their best to make sure that the madness and darkness does not claim them. To blend all of these mechanics with a great storyline, Apartament 1406 uses its Examine System, which can reveal secrets and hidden items, as well unlock completely novel experiences for the players. The same system supplements the survival atmosphere perfectly, always keeping the players on the edge but also allows them to explore further this demon-infested reality.

In terms of graphics, Apartament 1406 offers a fantastic result that is highly polished and fully in tune with the overall horror atmosphere. The game feels creepy and plays fast, offering the constant choice of fight or flight. The design of enemies and the psychological tension from the surroundings build into the same atmosphere throughout the game.

Apartament 1406 is clearly a sleeper indie horror hit game. It covers all of its bases perfectly and delivers a completed product that no fan of horror gaming should miss out on. Get the game on Steam right now and delve into the madness and terror that is Apartament 1406: Horror right now!