Battle Soul: Sealed Memories - Thrilling and Genre-Merging Mobile Game

Mobile gaming might seem like a place of very defined and pre-determined genres, basing themselves mainly on simple concepts like hypercasual titles. However, Battle Soul: Sealed Memories by Azura Brothers Studio for both Android and iOS shows just how much space for creative and complex games is in the mobile domain. The same game is a mixture of numerous genres, all rolled into one compact and in-depth gaming experience that is first and foremost unique.

The game is based on a setup that every 14 days, inhabitants of a fantasy world have their memories erased and time itself reset. To break this hellish cycle, a group of young people begins a journey that seeks to slowly reveal the dark truth behind why all these are happening. However, this task will be anything but easy.

Narratively, the game is fantasy and science fiction in equal measure. The same reflects itself in a wonderful world full of regions to explore, all in the manner of a visual novel in a Japanese manga style. However, at the same time, the game provides a RPG setup, involving several storylines. These allow for making story-changing decisions and even multiple endings. At the same time, players can also engage in card battles, where you build your decks and choose a range of tactics.

However, you can also recruit monsters and see them rise in XP, engage in alchemy and harvesting. The same takes place as you enjoy the game both as a PVP and a PVE experience. The fact that the entire expansive and complex game was built as an indie title by two brothers makes it all even more impressive.

Right now, you can pre-register for Battle Soul: Sealed Memories on both The App Store and Google Play Store. The adventure the game offers is clearly something that comes about only rarely - use this chance to get to experience its wonderful journey among the first!