Soaring Tales of Skylines - Create your Mall Empire!


The simulation gaming genre might seem like a slow-moving space, but from time to time, titles appear that show just how exciting these games might be. Soaring Tales of Skylines, an upcoming game for Steam and Steam Deck is the most perfect example of a exceedingly dynamic building and management sim game.

In this title by Studio Molo, players will get a chance to develop a single small space and then slowly evolve it through all trials and tribulations into a full-blow supermall empire. The interesting subject matter of this simulation is based on the real-life world of the real estate market in one of the most challenging places for this business, Hong Kong. Check out the game's trailer right here:

The same fact gives Soaring Tales of Skylines a very unique appeal. At the same time, the game offers very advanced gameplay mechanics, like the process of furbishing the mall, managing its business operations, going through crises, and doing so much more.

All of this promises an incredibly engaging game for anyone who is into building simulations and sim titles in general. If you are one of them, wishlist Soaring Tales of Skylines now! But, you can also try the game in Early Access and start building your very own mall empire even before the game comes out in the coming period!