Monster College - Adult Visual Novel with a Monstrous Twist!

Going to college is always a challenge. However, the challenge is infinitely greater when the school in question is Monster College, a place where all types of horror creatures, from vampires and zombies to gorgons, werewolves, and demons reside. The game should come out at the start of July and it offers a very appealing and unique experience.

In the case of this upcoming adult visual novel coming to Steam, players take on the role of a young student who comes to the same school. Now, surrounded by beautiful women who also happen to be nightmarish monsters, he must find his way through countless adventures, none of which are for the fainthearted. Watch the game's trailer right here:

Monster College is the creation of an indie game developer who clearly put a huge amount of effort into the game. The clearest cue for that is the sheer visual quality of so many different characters. All of them are full 3D models with a lot of detail and incredible lifelike traits, even though they might not even be human.

Besides, the game offers action, intrigue, mystery, and naturally, a lot of steamy romance. Because of this Monster College promises to be an incredible ride that is not only high-quality but also more than memorable in comparison to the usually bland titles from this genre.

If you're a fan of adult visual novels, follow the game on its Twitter and Instagram accounts, where you can keep tabs on its upcoming release in early July. But, first and foremost, log in to your account and wishlist the Monster College on Steam right now.