Money Mania - Ingenious Hypercasual Game

The key element of the setup that Money Mania offers as a mobile game is its simplicity. In the same title, players are simply tasked with blowing up (literally) ATMs and collecting the money that is left with their destruction.

However, in this simple concept can be found an enormous amount of fun and also a rising degree of challenge. Through the same hypercasual game, the complexity of Money Mania also keeps ramping up, quickly involving things like armed guards and other elements. That is why the game is such an appealing experience for anyone who is interested in basically puzzle concepts but with a very engaging action twist. Check out the game in action right here:

The sheer overall quality of the game, starting with its visuals, which are excellent low-poly graphics, and going all the way to gameplay mechanics, shows that the developer behind the game, Maysar Forge is just starting out. Money Mania is awesome but I'm sure that even better releases are just waiting to happen. Until then, get this excellent hypercasual game for free on Google Play right now and enjoy the dynamic world of Money Mania today!