Tesla Wars - Super-Fun Tower Defense Mobile Game


Tower defense is one of the most cherished genres of mobile gaming and Tesla Wars is a new title that perfectly showcases the same fact. This mobile title by Tap Zap Games, available for both Android and iOS devices, offers complex and ever-changing gaming mechanics, while it is very easy to pick up and start playing. Through that dynamic, it offers an incredibly fun and appealing experience, especially for fans of tower defense releases.

The sheer appeal of the Tesla Wars mobile game begins on the first contact with the same app. Once you install it, you're immediately welcomed by an animated user interface that is very detailed but also completely logical and well-designed.

But, when the actual gameplay begins, the game hits a whole new speed. In the game, players are tasked with the control of a huge Tesla Tower that can zap enemies, here in the form of stickmen determined to bring it down. Players control the tower and kill stickmen, while they also upgrade it and add new abilities, including special options like calling in an airstrike.

All the while, Tesla Wars looks absolutely stunning. The graphics of the levels, the environments, and even the smallest elements are detailed, clear, and full of vibrant colors. However, the doomed stickman steals the show with their incredible animation and sheer variety of units and ways they can die and get blown/electrocuted to pieces. Here, the humor and the excellent visual quality come together seamlessly.

Tesla Wars is simply a fantasy tower defense game that is both unique and familiar for the players of this genre. That way, the app offers hours of fun for anyone willing to try it, which is by the way completely free. To get a taste of Tesla Wars for yourself, download the game on the Play Store or the App Store right now and start zapping those stickmen!