ode to peace - Match 3 Mobile Game for a more Happy, Peaceful and Sustainable World

There are many reasons for creating video games, but it is hard to find a nobler one than the reason behind ode to peace. This recently published mobile device game, which is available for iOS and Android devices, aims to inspire countless millions across the world to do what is called a leap - short for learn, engage, act, and participate.

Created by IQSQ, the game is a reimagining of a classic Match 3 game setup, but using the power of AI-generated art and broad sources of inspiration. With this combination, the game wants to help in the process of expanding & accelerating the UN's Global Goals & sustainability actions.

From a gameplay perspective, the game offers a big selection of different vertical and horizontal match-3 games. These include match-5 and T-L-O variations, special item formations, booster tiles, and many other gameplay features. All of these work together well in setting up ode to peace as a very challenging and fun gaming experience. The developers also have ambitious plans for the future. The game is to be eventually included in The Playing For The Planet Alliance, where its benefits and positive influences can be further increased.

All of this shows that ode to peace is much more than a fun puzzle mobile game. It wants to help in the process of building a better world that we not only deserve but desperately need as soon as possible. Get the game for free on Google Play and the App Store right now to help make that vision a reality.