Super Magic Unicorn - Fun and Colorful Mobile Game

From the first moment you set your eyes on Super Magic Unicorn, you are drawn into a delightful world of these flying magical creatures. Made by Vikingo, the same mobile app available on Google Play for free offers a very joyful gaming experience. That is why players of all ages - who love unicorns and their magic - will definitely appreciate it from the second they start playing.

The gameplay of Super Magic Unicorn is very straightforward. In the title, players take control of a magical unicorn and steer it through obstacles. The further they go, the more points they collect. With the same points, they can unlock additional unicorns and then repeat the cycle with new and exciting characters.

All of this takes place in an impressive and completely wonderful visual environment. That includes a great design for the unicorns themselves, but also fluffy clouds, huge lollipops, rainbows and so much more, all of which fit perfectly with the game's overall theme. Simple, colorful, and fun, Super Magic Unicorn will be a perfect game for anyone who appreciates these mythical beings. If you are one of them, get the game now from the Google Play Store and begin your magical unicorn adventure!