Street Champ - Thrilling & Realistic Racing Mobile Release


All good racing games require at least two main elements: visual appeal and sheer exciting nature of its gameplay. Street Champ is a brand new racing app available on Google Play which covers both factors nearly perfectly. The app was created by Alrawahi, a seasoned and accomplished developer of Android apps. The huge selection of apps must have played a big role in the creation of this racing game as well.

The game offers first and foremost very impressive graphics. It was made in full 3D environment, offering stunning race tracks, surrounding countryside and naturally the cars themselves. In fact, the cars and vehicles on offer in the game are so well-made that they could easily be found in any AAA PC or console racing title.

This is clear at the very start of the game, where players find themselves in their in-game garage. Here, the full level of details on their first vehicle is visible, down to the shiny gloss of the car's paint job. The rest of the visual assets are just as high-quality as the vehicles themselves.

In terms of the gameplay itself, Street Champ is excellent as well. It offers a clear and well-designed UI, where the steering wheel is present on the left side of the screen, while the gas and the brake paddle are on the right. This way, driving the cars is both challenging and clear for total beginners, allowing players to quickly jump into the game for the first time.

With its crisp 3D graphics full of detail and excellent models, but also thanks to its fun driving mechanism, Street Champ is definitely a fantastic addition to the racing genre. All fans of fast cars and thrilling races should get the same game for free on Google Play as soon as they can!