Gangsters Empire - Kickstarter Project for a Thrilling Crime Board Game

Imagine a world like that of Grand Theft Auto, but set not in a digital video game, but a classic tabletop game. Now, add to that inspiration from movies like Goodfellas, Scarface, and New Jack City and you have Gangsters Empire! This project from Deus Ludas is based on a Kickstarter campaign that will soon begin and seeks to turn this ideal into a very playable reality.

At its core, the game combines elements of tabletop gameplay and a collectible card title, which are set in a huge criminal universe. The game takes place in a massive open-world city, where players take on the roles of crime figureheads that are determined to build their empires.

To do that, they, first of all, build their decks of cards, representing their gangs. These include a range of characters, inspired by real-life crime organizations like the Yakuza, the Russian mob, Bloods and Crips, and many more. Besides these, players collect weapons, vehicles - which will include tanks and attack choppers - and many other elements that help them in their criminal enterprises in turn-based rounds.

But, there's also a building element in this mix, where players can create locations that provide them with resources they can use. With these buildings and jobs, the players get another element for their play style and overall plan to become the ultimate kingpin.

Lastly, Gangsters Empire also feels very tactile and interesting to experience. It will feature miniature stacks of cash and gold bullion bars, as well as diamonds. Having these around will give the game another exciting element, where players will be able to fidget around with their fortune as they wait for their turn.

If you are a fan of tabletop and board games, you have to get involved in the development of Gangsters Empire. Follow the project on Twitter and stay in touch on its official Discord server. But, first of all, check out its Kickstarter page and get involved as soon as it launches!