Fury Tracks - Exciting Arcade blending Action and Racing

Developers from the Fplay Studio had a brilliant idea for a mobile device game - blending racing and action genres into one seamless combo. The result is Fury Tracks, a fun and dynamic game for Android devices that allows you to hop onto a vehicle, get a weapon and start racing and blasting away!

The game offers a ton of features, which is no surprise, being that Fplay Studios already has published Guitar Idol, clearly gathering indispensable experience along the way. Like Gitar Idol, Fury Tracks offers excellent casual graphics, with 3D low-poly models that are extremely colorful and fun to interact with.

In terms of gameplay, the title allows for a range of actions besides playing the actual levels. That includes customization of the player character, a massive choice of both vehicles and guns, and challenging tracks where enemies are just as deadly as traps.

Finally, the game even includes over-the-top boss battles, where players can take on dangerous big enemies before advancing further in the game. Together all of this makes for one thrilling ride, so if you're a fan of mobile action and racing, download Fury Tracks on Google Play for free right now!