Awesome Twitch Stream: Nyxuna

 Gaming, especially on a competitive level, is often a very demanding undertaking. That is why many gamers regularly find it hard to keep up with their favorite titles and do things like raise a family. However, for Nyxuna, a competitive PUBG player and content creator from Melbourne, Australia, being a mom of two is not something that pulled the break permanently on her gaming adventure! After a four-year break, Nyxuna is back in her gaming chair, battling to get that chicken dinner and making awesome content for her Twitch stream and YouTube channel as well. See one of her latest streams right here:

As you can see, Nyxuna takes her matches seriously and with plenty of focus. Besides, she is also a member of Whiplash, which is a competitive PUBG team based in Australia and New Zealand. But, Nyxuna also makes her content in a very engaging manner, especially if you're into not just this title, but competitive shooters in general.

The same is a rare combo, especially in the domain of games like PUBG, where the best players tend to be somewhat hermetic in their approach to streaming. Nyxuna is anything but, combining a very relaxed personality with a natural approach to interaction with her teammates and followers. This and other cool things about her is the reason why her Twitch stream is likely soon going to hit 1k followers.

If you're into PUBG and you want to support a mom in her return to the competitive scene, follow Nyxuna on Twitter and TikTok to keep up with her plans and activity. However, before you do that, subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on Twitch as soon as you can!