Catch The Cat Not the Lions - Fun and Challenging Mobile Game with Exceedingly Cute Graphics!


Most often, the best casual mobile games are those that offer gaming thrills and a level of simplicity and elegance. Catch The Cat Not the Lions is a new release from the Simple Making game development team and it offers more than its share of fun and challenging gameplay, which is at the same time very straightforward.

In the game, players simply have to do what the name of the game tells them to: save the flying cats! At the same time, they should avoid the evil lions that are also prowling about. There is nothing more to the game, but while learning it is easy, mastering Catch The Cat Not the Lions will demand a lot of time and effort, all spent while having loads of fun.

When some amazing and very cut graphic solutions are added to this, the appeal of the game is clearly huge for all fans of casual gaming. The clean and crisp design of both cats and lions is worthy of a great children's cartoon. If you love cute and engaging casual games, try out Catch The Cat Not the Lions on Google Play right now for free!