Awesome Gaming Video - New World's Finest Onion Gang

It is never easy to showcase the true appeal of a particular game, especially when it comes to big multiplayer titles. However, in the case of the Boldog YouTube channel and its latest video, the very same thing happens for both a game and one of its tight-knit communities. The game in question is New World and the community is the Onion Gang. In the video titled New World's Finest Onion Gang, Boldog manages to showcase the incredible appeal of the same group of gamers and their willingness to go to war in the New World. The resulting creation is a mixture of energy, inspiration, and a clear commitment to this new massive gaming release. Check out the entire video right here:

The whole clip is a marvelous creation that blends a very dynamic synth soundtrack, with the quick montage of in-game footage. However, the thing that really sets the video apart is the narration of the Onion gang member prepping up his community for a war. The speech sounds like something straight out of a famous war movie and it blends with the rising tension in the audio-video part of the clip perfectly.

That is why the result is something that is not simply watched but experienced. After that, if you're even mildly interested in the game of New World, you will seek out the Onion Gang for sure.

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