Awesome Gaming Video - Call of Duty MODERN WARFARE 2 TEEMO REVEAL Trailer by ThousandTroops

Being a gaming content creator usually involves making streams and videos of existing titles and sharing them with the world. However, sometimes, gaming content creators really make something completely new and original, which is precisely what the gamer behind the ThousandTroops YouTube channel did with one of his recent videos. That video is called MODERN WARFARE 2 TEEMO REVEAL Trailer and you can watch the entire small masterpiece right here:

The awesome clip is a mashup of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 trailer and Teemo from League of legends. Besides the original concept, the video provides some great audio editing that morphs the famous CoD lines with those of Teemo, producing a result that is both impressive and hilarious. All the while, a soundtrack from The Metallica blasts away in the background, giving it an even more powerful form. Both visuals and audio elements blend together perfectly for the same video, and that shows on the first viewing.

All of this shows that the gamer and content creator behind the ThousandTroops YouTube channel knows what he's doing. But, the same is also pretty self-evident as well. His channel has been active for only a short while but has already racked up nearly 150,000 views and over 4,350 subscribers. That doesn't happen to anyone by accident.

So, if you're partial to games like LoL and CoD, but also love some original gaming humor, check out ThousandTroops on TikTok. But, before that, make sure to watch the Call of Duty MODERN WARFARE 2 TEEMO REVEAL and subscribe to this excellent gaming content creator as soon as you can!