The Last Bastion - Innovative & Exciting Cluster of DayZ Servers

For years, DayZ has been a smashing success among the global fandom of survival gaming. The same level of success allowed its player base to expand and branch out into some really cool and innovative setups that take the same title to the next level. The Last Bastion is a perfect example of this trend, being that it offers a setup that many DayZ fans will find irresistible.

In essence, this is a Discord community and a cluster of Xbox faction-based PVP servers, Livonia and Chernarus, along with two Deathmatch servers. It offers its members a common credit economy which can be used to purchase things directly from the Discord server's shop. These include in-game vehicles and gear, but also things like Discord drip, roles, and commands.

The faction-based servers are 50 slots, but they also have a set of in-game rules and limitations. However, the focus is squarely on base raiding and faction PVP for the most part. When it comes to the features it offers, these also build into an impressive and very long list. The servers are Xbox only, but also loot boosted. Guns and cars spawn fully equipped in the game, making sure that 15-minute nights and raid weekends are thrilling at the very least. All of the loot can be found on the map, but so can loot crates, and heli crashes. The servers also provide armband sheds, boxing rings/events, fully built castles, and roles/credits for controlling them, as well as gear NPCs for both PVP and building. Lastly, the server’s staff is friendly and generous, while the overall Discord experience is more than fun.

Thanks to all of this, it is clear that The Last Bastion Discord is something that is truly unmissable for all DayZ fans out there. Join the same growing community today for free and see your survival gaming experience begin its massive evolution.