Human Resources Factory Games - Clever Combo of Genres blended into a Fun Puzzle Release!

Working in a factory is rarely a very enjoyable experience. However, in the Human Resources Factory Games, the same experience becomes a literal hellscape where workers can get hurt and die in a very broad range of ways. Luckily for them, there is a way out from the maze of heavy machines, whirling blades, raging fire pits, and many additional deadly elements. The task of the player is to figure out that path and modify the factory and all the tormented workers to escape with their lives.

Human Resources Factory Games was developed by the Big Tasty Games. Behind the same studio's name are two students and a lot of enthusiasm for making games. However, this release shows that the same tandem is not only working with the desire to make great games, but also some serious developer skill and plenty of game design experience. While this release, available on both iOS and Android platforms, has been made in Godot Engine, the background to the game is much more nuanced.

Human Resources Factory Games feels like a hybrid of old-school escape path-building games including the classic Lemmings and more modern puzzle apps. The first influence provided the game with that engaging game flow of building an escape path and then seeing the workers try to navigate it. The second source of influence provided a very effective UI and commands that are ideally suited for mobile devices. The final product is thus both fun and challenging, which is the bread and butter of all successful mobile device games, especially from the puzzle genre.

If you'd like to help the horror-stricken workers from Human Resources Factory Games, you can check out the developer's website or follow them on Twitter. Before you do that, however, head over to Google Play or the App Store and download the game right now!