Traffic Driver - Impressive Casual Racing Mobile Release!


Creating an engaging casual racing game for mobile devices is no small challenge. To be successful, these types of games need to balance perfectly their accessibility, gameplay, and visuals. Traffic Driver, the latest release from Crown Games, is a perfect example of a game that manages to do just that, all wrapped in a very compact package.

The game places the player right smack in the middle of traffic. From there, there are only two possibilities - continue traveling or crash into something. The players are tasked with a very simple objective, which is to keep going, pick up powerups, and avoid ending a game in a fiery crash. From this straightforward setup, Traffic Driver quickly evolves into a very absorbing gaming experience.

A range of features helps the game achieve this state of excellence. The app has a great overall design and features colorful and appealing graphics. Created in a blocky, voxel-like style, the game is interesting to look at and stays the same even after many hours of gameplay. The audio side of Traffic Drive is just as up to the task of being fun but not intrusive. Finally, the combination of diverse gameplay mechanics, like the fuel and speed gauges, along with in-race boosts, make it more than fun.

Crown Games clearly has ample experience in the development of mobile games. So far, it has already published Defend the Castle - Traffic Driver is an excellent addition to its library. With its level of fun and easy but challenging gameplay, it is something all casual racing fans have to try out. Fortunately, they can do this for free by downloading Traffic Driver on Google Play right now!