Coin Operated Carnage - Thrilling Roguelike Dungeon Crawler!

The first thing you have to notice about Coin Operated Carnage is its absolutely awesome name. However, there is much more to this indie game than just a cool title! In fact, the game comes with a very elaborate setup that will instantly excite fans of so many different genres. These include not just dungeon crawlers and roguelike gamers, but also fans of RPGs in general! Check out its official trailer right here to get a better sense of the game:

As you see, the game takes place in a dungeon where the players take on numerous dangers and enemies. The players control a party of up to three heroes in a grid-based dungeon where they have to make strategic decisions about their movements, followed by direct turn-based tactical battles. In that fight mode, players have access to a system of Action Coins (thus the name of the game) where they can mix and combine things like block, hit, sabotage, and much more. The excitement of both modes is very visceral and familiar, giving that well-known feel of Darkest Dungeon and other amazing RPG titles.
Coin Operated Carnage also comes with excellent graphics and a visual design that fully supports its gameplay mechanics. The same covers the design of the dungeon and the overall UI, but even more so is the design of the characters. That's a big accomplishment for a solo developer and one of the bigger appeals of the game, which manages to have both the looks and the brains.

If you're into any of these numerous genres, wishlist Coin Operated Carnage on Steam right now. Also, check out its official website, Reddit community, and Discord server. It's an indie title that not only does justice to dungeon crawlers and roguelikes, but also pushes the same concepts to a new level!