Vlokr Pinksale Presale is LIVE! πŸš€

The much-anticipated presale of the Vlokr decentralized social media and video sharing platform is live! Read all about it on this official Vlokr Medium post and get your Vlokr tokens as soon as you can - the presale ends just six days from now!

The presale once again shows the level of drive and determination behind the whole platform. It will also set the start of a social media system that is completely transparent and decentralized. Thus, it will be able to resist centralized censorship, exploitation of creators, and endless data mining. With the help of its community, it can be the start of a new age of social media.

Find out more about the presale on Vlokr Medium post and read why you should get behind it as well. Then, follow the same platform on Twitter and head on directly to Pinksale for those Vlork tokens!