Abeyance - Upcoming Hard-Hitting Sci-Fi Dungeon Crawler


Dungeon crawlers are a sub-genre of gaming that has a very long history. Abeyance by Bumblebee Studios is an upcoming indie dungeon crawler that uses the best elements of that decades-long tradition to develop a very distinctive and appealing game. It places the players in the world of Abeyance, which is a dark and desolate place.

The game begins after a long and costly interstellar war. In the post-disaster period, a powerful organization recruits the player for the purpose of scavenging items and valuables from now-abandoned military bases and spaceships. Yet, the player, known only as Ezra, has no recollection of his past and carries cerebral implants that influence his decisions and action. That is why he has to take on these dangerous missions but also clings to hope that he can find his memories, along with his humanity and his very soul.

The story of Abeyance is clearly a developed science-fiction piece that treats the game's world and its protagonist in an in-depth and serious manner. The same applies to the gameplay mechanics that this title offers. At its core, the game takes inspiration from the Jagged Alliance and XCOM series, which are classics of turn-based combat and deep tactical thinking. But, it also aims to add its players to a more dynamic environment, pivoting to an almost real-time combat feel.

Furthermore, the game will focus on the idea of different areas and doors that divide them. By approaching these doors, scanning, and figuring out what is behind them, the players will be able to develop a range of approaches. Throughout all of this, players will have to seamlessly switch between attacking and defending, adding even more thrills and tactics to the mix.

The game is already on Steam and it should get its launch there in September 2022. In December of the same year, it should reach Microsoft's Xbox store. To stay informed about its development, follow Bumblebee Studios on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. But, if you're a sci-fi fan with a soft spot for dungeon crawlers, wishlist Abeyance right now on Steam!