Warstance - Exciting Free-to-Play Card-Based Strategy


Card games and strategies have always been a potent mixture. These are precisely the main ingredients of Warstance, a browser-based card game made by Juju Soft that allows you to enter its thrilling world and take on extremely powerful opponents.

In the game, the players are transported all the way to the year 3020. At that point in time an AI gains sentience and self-awareness, followed by it making contact with off-world entities. That sparks a war between humanity, the rogue AI, and those unknown forces. From this complex science-fiction backstory, the game presents itself in its full and very engaging form.

The core gameplay mechanics of Warstance involve digital cards that are used by players to enter into battles. Each of these last for three rounds, determining the winner. All cards have their Life value and Damage value, but also other features as well. This gives the players a lot of opportunities for combinations and different strategies.

It is clear that Warstance is a labor of love for both card-based strategies and hard-core science-fiction. Because of that, all fans of these genres should check out Juju Soft on its Twitter and Facebook fan pages, but also give Warstance a try on its official website right now!