Meet Vlokr - Fully Decentralized Social Media Platform!

Being completely free and untethered to any massive, obscure system is nearly impossible on the modern internet. That applies to video content more than almost anything else, as many social media platforms in this regard drastically restrict their users and the content they upload. Vlokr aims to change all of that, as it deploys into a completely decentralized, blockchain-based social media network!

To do this, the same platform is applying an encompassing system. It manages to bridge stakeholders, content creators, community and video curation, bounty program, cryptocurrency rewards and so much more. That is why it has its native Vlokr token and its soon launching its Pinksale presale! Through this system - which is decentralized from top to bottom - the same platform can offer the ability of users to transcend the limitations of the current untransparent and centralized social media.

Read more about the fantastic offer on this detailed Vlokr Medium post, but also don't forget to check out its official Twitter account and website. Here, you can find out why Vlokr is the future of decentralized social media!