Hovercars 3077: Underground® - Racing Game that Blends Incredible Action and Strong Sci-Fi Influences

There's always a selection of exciting indie racing games, but few can bring the potent mixture to the level of Hovercars 3077: Underground®. This Steam racing game offers a high-octane action where armed cars take on each other while traversing post-apocalyptic tracks. The same game puts the player's dexterity, strategic thinking, and pure reflexes to the test, while it offers a whole new dynamic and liberating experience.

Those elements make the game a great simulation with many exciting gameplay opportunities, along with various offline & online modes, including the Play remote feature. That allows players to enjoy it with friends or against AI in leagues, arcade, duel, hologram, or time trial mode.

Hovercars 3077: Underground® is, at the same time, inspired by a range of incredible sci-fi and action works of art and modern classics. These include the Cyberpunk and Need For Speed: Underground games but also movies The 5th element and Blade Runner. That is why players will be able to visit Warsaw 3077, Ankara 3000, or Nevada 3050. All of that gives it a fantastic aesthetic, which blends perfectly with the rest of the game.

When it comes to the features of the title, there are a ton of these. That list includes over 15 tracks, 60 hover cars, Futuristic tracks & apocalyptic places, a garage, Easter eggs, and so much more. So, if you're a track&race gaming fan, check out Hovercars 3077: Underground® and find your new favorite indie game!