Fall Guys is Becoming a Cross-Platform Free-to-Play Game!

Great news for all fans of casual competitive gaming is right around the corner! According to The Verge, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will become a F2P title that is coming to both Xbox consoles and the Nintendo Switch on June 21st. That means that this title will be available across these platforms, but also PC and PlayStation, along with a dedicated version for PS5 that will also appear on the same date.

The in-game progression will be accessible in a cross-platform manner, allowing the players to engage with the game from anyone of these. Besides, the game, which as of recent belongs to Epic Games, will include free skins, new economics and in-game store system of kudos and crowns, as well as a map editor. The last feature will be only popular among the same player community and will likely see a spate of new designs and courses hitting the Fall Guys universe.