Awesome Gaming Video - Battlefront 2 THE CHOSEN ONE.exe by PancakePirate


The concept of meme-laced gaming video is nothing new on the wide and weird planes of the internet. However, even watching videos like that previously will not prepare you for the creations on the PancakePirate YouTube channel. To see why just check out the latest videos on the same channel. It's called Battlefront 2 THE CHOSEN ONE.exe and it provides quite a viewing experience. Watch the whole insane thing right here:

As you plainly see, the clip comes with an insane amount of memes and tropes of all kinds. These involve both audio and video material, as well as some excellent gameplay footage from the same Star Wars title. The video also showcases really cool editing moves, like having a picture in picture segments and so much more. Thanks to all of that, the same YouTube clip is beyond entertaining and funny.

That's also the main purpose of the PancakePirate channel - the gamer and content creator simply wants to have fun and allow others who view the same videos to do the same. That's why the channel features games like Cyberpunk and Phasmophobia, among other stuff as well. Right now, the main mission of the channel is more than clearly accomplished, so subscribe to the PancakePirate for more amazing clips in the future!