Alien Death Mob - Insane Bullet Hell Action on a Steam Discount!

The concept of the Alien Death Mob from Pug Fugly Games is very simple: aliens of all shapes and sizes have invaded planet Earth. Now, everything from towns and cities - all the way to the deserts - of Mother Earth is in mortal danger. Luckily, the planet has a hero ready to step up and defend it until the last bullet (or laser ray): you!

In this game, you're the last supersoldier on the planet, ready to fight. Alien Death Mob is a twin-stick shooter that allows you to do just the same through very dynamic and colorful combat. The game provides 35 missions that come with different locations and countless power-ups. With a range of modes, including things like Alien Darth Vaders and Berserker Death Mob, it offers loads of fun for all fans of bullet hell action games. It also features the special mechanic of Bullet Time that will aid the player's survivability in times of greatest need.

All of this is packaged in a colorful, pixel art presentation that makes Alien Death Mob gameplay both appealing and easy to get into. However, later missions will require some quick reflexes and a lot of weaponry. If you're a fan of twin-stick shooters and bullet hell titles in general, you're in luck! Alien Death Mob is currently on a Steam discount that will allow you to get it for less than 1,00 USD! Check it out right now and let those alien scumbags get what's coming to them!