Penguin Block Escape Puzzle - A Perfect Mobile Gaming Combination of Challenge and Fun!

The key for a successful puzzle game of any kind is the ability to mix new and well-known elements. The Block Espace mechanic has been a staple of puzzle gaming for several decades. It is simple and clear, which is why so many players enjoy manipulating these elements in order to find an exit from a particular space. But, the truly successful games use Block Escape only as a starting point for Penguin Block Escape Puzzle. This exciting mobile casual game offers the ability to enjoy the same gameplay mechanic but do it in a much more dynamic and fun environment.

The objective of the game by PAUK game development studio is very straightforward to understand even for the youngest players. The game presents a cute penguin floating on a block of ice, which is surrounded by other icy slabs. The players need to move the slabs to allow the penguin to escape. However, the game offers a couple of twists as well.

The longer the players spendin in a playing session, the bigger their bonus score is. Additionally, the premium version of the game offers a high score, as well as additional features. These include the Icehack, which removes the ice blocks from a particular level. There is also the Icehammer, offering yet another feature on the famous puzzle mechanics.

Penguin Block Escape Puzzle adds some amazing casual graphics to all of this, presenting a package that is practically irresistible. From the design of the main character to the overall user interface and user experience, the app is perfectly suited for all types of games and all ages. If you are one of them, try out Penguin Block Escape Puzzle right now on Google Play for free. It will surely give you many levels and a rising challenge that will be a treasure trove of gaming for all puzzle gaming fans!