Awesome New Gaming Video Series - A NEW RIVALRY BEGINS! | Pokemon Sword and Shield Hardcore Surpriselocke Cagelocke • Ep. 1 by RivalRoki

In the domain of gaming content that's created by more than one person, the most important element is the relationship between those content creators. In the case of RivalRoki YouTube channel and the new series that is kickstarting there, it's obvious that awesome friendship stands in the very foundation of it! The series features gamers RivalRoki and SlightliSalti who take on Pokémon Sword and Shield with a complex series of self-defined rules. That makes up for some amazing gaming action that unfolds really fast, as you can see in the first episode right here:

As you can tell, both gamers are clearly having loads of fun playing together. That in turn immediately creates an awesome atmosphere which anyone can enjoy. Additionally, RivalRoki is highly focused on all things Pokémon. That is why his channel features Pokémon Nuzlockes, Pokémon Challenges, Pokémon Unite, and almost anything that is in this creative universe and has a competitive side to it. All of that content is made with very high production values in terms of both sound and video quality, making it a joy to watch.

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