The NBA 2K22, just like the entire NBA 2K series, is hugely popular not just among basketball fans, but also the wider gaming community. Because of that, there's a lot of NBA 2K22 content out there - but, from time to time, it's still possible to find something extraordinary. That's without any doubt exactly what  Mr. Odster Gaming YouTube channel offers. The channel, like the gamer and content creator behind it, focuses on NBA 2K22 MyTeam and especially pack openings. To see that in action, check out one of his videos right here:

As you can see, the same video brings not just some very expensive pack openings, but also very positive and frantic energy. It makes the clip incredibly entertaining to watch and adds a dynamic edge to it that all gamers will quickly recognize. Furthermore, the video comes with a lot of meme snippets and editing tricks that make it even more appealing. Because of that, you simply need to watch and find out what else the same gamer got from his card packs while he desperately looks for Luka Dončić!

Even though the channel features only a few videos, it offers a huge promise to NBA fans and sports gaming players, including those who love collecting things like NBA 2K cards. If you're one of them, follow the same gamer on Twitter and TikTok. Before you do, however, make sure to subscribe to Mr. Odster Gaming YouTube channel right this very moment!