GrowUpBSC - Crypto Project on a Green Mission!

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the importance of renewable and economical principles in the cryptocurrency domain. The GrowUpBSC project is a perfect example of an initiative that does not just want to be eco-friendly, but wants to use these concepts as its main mission and help our planet regain one of its most reliable allies: forests!

GrowUpBSC and its token aim to produce an eco-conscious crypto venture that is making the world a healthier place by planting physical trees. That will take place as it plans one tree for every 1,000 of its token market cap and thus bridges the world of cryptocurrencies and direct-action ecology. However, to make things even more appealing, GrowUpBSC is using an advanced virtual reality and metaverse idea as well!

That idea is the MetaForest, a VR environment that will be a part of the wider metaverse, where the GrowUpBSC will be able to attain a huge community and a shared experience. As it grows, the forests and the number of planted trees will grow, but so will the VR world where users will be able to access games and many other features. Yet, the GrowUpBSC crypto network already has a range of benefits, including low taxes, LP lock, a dedicated team that is UK-based, renounced ownership, an NFT gallery, and much more. All of that is already a reality, but the future will bring so much more for this innovative and important project.

If you’d like to find out more about GrowUpBSC, join its Telegram group and check out its website. With it, you too can join the MetaForest and its growing community, but also help make planet Earth into a much greener place!

GrowUpBSC contract: