Crypto Citizen - Thrilling Next-Gen Metaverse GameFi Project!


Metropolit is a location in the metaverse where gang wars, cyborgs, and bio-enhanced outlaws are all commonplace, along with cryptocurrencies, neon-soaked streets, and much more. If you're a gamer who finds that intriguing, time to meet Crypto Citizen! This is a massive next-gen GameFi project that aims to create a truly revolutionary blockchain environment that will be instantly appealing to all crypto fans, but also any gamer seeking a thrilling cyberpunk experience.

The project is seeking to become a full MMO RPG metaverse experience, taking GameFi concepts to their natural next big step. Its developer is QORPO Games and the title is being built on the Binance Smart Chain, meaning that it has the tech backing of one of the biggest players in the world of crypto and DeFi. Also, its development will take place in two phases. In Phase 1, the players will have access to mini-games of drag races and fights. Phase 2 is the full game that will allow players to explore and enjoy the landscape of the dystopian Metropolit.

Here, players will have access to 10 unique districts. Once they start in the barren and tough roughlands, players will be able to move on up in the world of Metropolit, building businesses, working, fighting, racing, and doing so much more. All of that should build into a living, breathing world in the metaverse.

Crypto Citizen is a very important project in the GameFi domain, as it seeks to really push the limit of this emergent genre. Instead of small, low-quality games, it is looking to become a universe unto itself. If you're interested in learning more, check out Crypto Citizen's Twitter, and TikTok pages, as well as its official website right now, and find your place in the Metropolit!