Burgez - Fun and Delicious Casual Mobile Game on Google Play!

Running a diner might be a dream for so many people - creating cool dishes, serving them up to customers, and making the business grow sounds like a whole lot of fun. With Burgez, a free Android game, the same dream can now become a gaming reality that offers delicious fun on so many levels!

This casual game was created by Unas, a versatile software development company with an impressive selection of apps and games on Google Play. In the case of Burgez, their new title is fully dedicated to the process of running a classic diner and being fast enough to make all of the orders come true. The game offers excellent and very detailed graphics, full of vibrant colors and interesting characters. The same goes for the foods that are served, especially the wonderful-looking burgers and their many additions.

As for the gameplay, it tasks players with both precision and expedience, as they mix and create burgers for their customers. While simple, there is a huge and addictive appeal to this process. That is why making burgers in this game will leave you wanting more, including unlocking new levels and challenges. Burgez manages thus to really hone in on the same casual gameplay mechanics.    

All of this is the makings of a big casual gaming hit. Anyone who enjoys similar casual cooking and restaurant games should check out Burgez and try it for free - chances are, they will find it truly delectable!