Awesome Gaming Video - I Get Chased By A Giant Malicious Toy | Poppy Playtime by DrGravitational


DrGravitational YouTube channel, besides having an awesome name, also brings about a very specific offer to its viewers. It is run by a gamer and content creator who clearly has a massive appreciation of all things scary and weird, which is why he plays a range of horror titles. But, at the same time, DrGravitational is also very funny and has a great sense of humor. To see what that means in action, check out one of his recent videos. In it, he takes on Poppy Playtime, a super-creepy game about a toy factory that is now something more akin to a nightmare factory. Watch the whole video right here:

As you can see, DrGravitational has a very distinctive but hilarious deadpan style of doing gaming content. It works brilliantly with the titles he prefers, as his calm demeanor stands in stark contrast to the things that are happening in the games he plays. Besides Poppy, you can find DrGravitational playing Outlast, Among Us, The Forest, and other smaller indie horror games. Additionally, he also makes reaction videos, which is another domain where his sense of humor and style of content creation will work exceedingly well.

If you're a fan of horror gaming and offbeat comedy, you should check out this man. First of all, you can find more about him on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, where you can see what he's up to. But, first and foremost, gather your courage and subscribe to his DrGravitational YouTube channel as soon as you can!